Showbox Captcha Solving And VK.Com Sign Up Error Fix

I’m feeling very sad that Showbox has been going mad at users with Showbox Captcha and sign up errors. There was a problem with Showbox update error, Video not available & now people are struggling with it’s Showbox Captcha error.

This is a common error we get if Showbox gets tons of traffic in a single day. It seems this error is occurring because of famous TV shows like Game of thrones. People have been so influenced by the Showbox application as it provides entertainment for free to anyone in the world.showbox captcha

Showbox Captcha Error & VK.COM sign up & login

If showbox thinks traffic is generating from the bots then it shows a captcha code and it wants you to enter it correctly. But the real pain attacks us here! You don’t see any movie if you solve the captcha puzzle correctly. This is the weird thing you can’t digest with Showbox Apk.

Sometimes pressing back will give you the main screen to watch movies or TV shows. Other users suggested that pressing 3 times OK button gets you to the movie screen. If you don’t get anything after doing so then there is nothing we can do here other than knowing of some Apps like Showbox for Android, iOS & PC.

This is a huge sad news for the people who have suffering with Showbox problems from several days. This problems are not actually can solve by us. We contacted developers and they are trying to fix this issues. They promised us that they would solve it within hours. So, kindly wait and look for showbox alternatives.

Do visit this blog more often so that you can the official announcements and other issues solutions for showbox errors. Bookmark this showbox blog and share this info with your friends so that they can get official info from the Showbox marketing team. Please be patient, everything is going to fix 🙂

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