Showbox Apk For Android Tablet | Install Showbox On Tablet

Showbox is an app that is found in almost every smartphone nowadays. Showbox for android Tablet is so popular because one can watch a movie and numerous television shows without any disturbance at all using Showbox movies app that too at any time of the day! All this can be enjoyed at absolutely no cost!


Showbox Apk download became popular on all smartphones, it was necessary that it should be launched for all the tablets as well. So, later it was launched for all the tablets which have Android operating system and it gained the same popularity on that platform as well!

Once the Showbox Apk is installed on Android Tablet, you can enjoy the unlimited entertainment. Watch unlimited movies and TV shows of your choice at any time of the day without any advertisements in the middle, which means there is no disturbance at all!

Showbox Apk For Android Tablet Free Download

So, for all those who are want to know how to download Showbox on my tablet, here is the perfect step-by-step guide for you!

  • After you tap it, there will be a warning displayed, stating that installing an app with Unknown Sources.
  • So, allow it so that the Showbox app is displayed successfully installed. To allow it, you need to go to the Settings and change the Unknown Sources setting by enabling it.


  • To download Showbox app, go to the browser and select the latest version of Showbox app. Click on the link given to start the download. This will take a few seconds or minutes depending upon the speed of your internet connection.
  • Download latest version and official version of Showbox Apk

Showbox Apk Official

  • After the Showbox Apk is downloaded, open this file using File Viewer and click on it to start installing Showbox Apk On Android Tablet.


  • Installation of the Showbox for Android Tablet may take some time. After the installation is complete, a message is notified in the notification bar and an icon appears in the menu of Showbox.
  • After the icon appears, tap on it. If it opens, then the app is successfully installed. If it does not open properly, drag the icon and uninstall it and install it again following the same steps!

Here are few tips to avoid the common problems that occur while using this Showbox app!

  • Showbox Apk Download Issue

If there are any problems while downloading the latest version of Showbox app, then cancel the download and download the 4.69 version of this app. This will help in solving the problems that will occur while downloading the latest version!

  • Showbox Not Working

If there is any error like ‘Showbox has stopped’, then you need to worry. All you need to do is follow the given steps.

Go to settings. Next, click on General and go to Apps option. In this option, choose the Showbox option. Next, click on Clear Cache and Clear Data option.

After changing this setting, go to the app and restart it. If it still does not work, reinstall it. This will solve all the problems.

  • Showbox Server Not Found

If Watch Now button appears instead of Download, then you need to change the Showbox server error options! Change the server options from Torrent to Server 1. This will change the Watch Now button to Download button. Now, enjoy downloading all the videos you like without any difficulty!

After installing, these are some of the errors that you may face! So, here were easy and simple solutions to all these errors, which will help you solve these errors in seconds. So, install the app on your tablet and enjoy the ride of unlimited entertainment!

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