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ShowBox (Movie Box) For iPhone: If you are searching to find a post on watching movies on Showbox then you are at correct place. In this post, I’m going to introduce a procedure to download & install showbox for iPhone. It is an app designed to watch movies & TV shows with HD clarity for free. Everybody on this earth feels good it they get entertainment with Movies & Videos. Movie Box For iPhone is the primary topic in this session.

Useful Tutorials on ShowBox (Movie Box – iOS version of Show Box)

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That is why people are really fond of this app. Nothing crazy in that! It has that worth. It has bulk number of movies in it’s servers of It uses Streaming technology (Legal) to watch movies from anywhere. Developers continuously monitor this app to fix bugs & errors within hours. Every time they find a bug, they will come up with a new version.

ShowBox For iPhone 6, 6 plus, 8.1.3, 8.2, 8.3 no JailBreak Needed

In this post, there will be no need of jailbreaking. This reduces the time to take a look. Simple and easy to follow steps are furnished for my blog users. As I’m a big lover ShowBox, this blog became my passion. First of all, let me tell you some features of Show Box app.

  • ShowBox is a free app allows you to watch & download movies without single penny.
  • Movies & TV Shows will be updated continuously to servers.
  • It is totally Legal to use.
  • Very friendly user interface with lot of tabs in it.
  • There is a Search option to find your favorite movies.
  • You can sort movies by Year, Name, Rating from IMDB.
  • There is filter option with Genre & Year.
  • With My Library option you can make your favorite list. You can add movies to my library.
  •  Movie content gets updated daily
  • Resolution (Clarity) can be chosen by us (Low, Medium & High)
  • You can download multiple movies at at time by Turbo mode ON mode.
  • enables you to use subtitles while watching the Movies.

Note: Procedure is same as ShowBox for iPad article. Click here to get ShowBox For iPad (iOS). Please refer that article

showbox movies iphone

ShowBox Movies List

Above mentioned link will definitely work for iPhone mobiles also like iPhone 6, 6plus, 8.1.3, 8.2, 8.3 5 no jailbreak & 2015.

If that procedure doesn’t work for you, please come back here and leave a comment below. I will surely help you personally if possible. Don’t hesitate to come back. You will miss huge movies for free if you will not come here if you feel any difficulty with ShowBox for iPhone Tutorial.

I have 100% confident that you will be able to download with iPad procedure for sure. Go there and read the complete article step by step and have fun with movies. Remember: You must remove the peel to enjoy the Pulp. Spend some time on knowing the installation procedure then you can enjoy movies lifelong. I hope my post has given a solution. What do you think of this article? Please mention as your comments. It makes my improvement better.

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