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Showbox is for those who want to enjoy unlimited HD video streaming anytime, anywhere and for absolutely free. We have the most amazing solution ever created. Yes, Showbox App is the most stable, popular and useful video streaming application that is available on all platforms.

You can be an iOS user, Android user or have devices like ChromeCast, Windows laptops or PC’s ShowBox app is compatible with all. Add entertainment to your life and kick bored away with free ShowBox app downloads.


 Showbox For Android Installation Steps

There will be simple steps takes less than 2 minutes to install Showbox [from this website] without any errors. If any AntiVirus shows it as a virus then just ignore it.

1. Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and make it allowable. Different smartphones have Unknown Sources location at various places but finding it on your mobile is pretty easy.

showbox install on android

2. Now Go to the file location where you have downloaded the Showbox apk file & click on it.

showbox for android

3. When you click on Showbox apk, it will ask your permission. Now click on Next button to accept terms & conditions of Showbox as shown in below figure.

Showbox terms and conditions

4. After clicking on Next, it will ask for Install. Press on Install button and wait until Showbox install automatically.

5. When Showbox gets installed automatically, Now you will see a button Open to start watching movies on Showbox. You could click on Done if you wish to use this app later. Now Open Showbox to watch movies

6. When you open the Showbox app for the first time – It loads some data related to movies and TV shows. Wait until it loads the data.

Note: If it asks for update, make it updated version so that some bugs will get out of your way to enjoy movies on this app.

7. After loading the data, App presents an enormous amount of Movies & television shows on the screen. Click on your favorite movie and enjoy the film at the instant. Watch Showbox Movies here.

How to Download & Install the Showbox App

Prerequisites: Any Android Phone or any other device that can play videos and install Apps, ShowBox Apk File, and the step by step process to install the app.  Download ShowBox App Updated version 4.92 for Android

When you have successfully downloaded the apk file, it is time now to usher into the new world of free video streaming and download. Follow these steps and you are good to go:

  • Open your device settings. [Android phone settings and look for Security Option]
  • Under the Security option find Unknown Sources – It will be turned off by default but you have to toggle or turn in ON.
  • Now you must locate the ShowBox file you downloaded
  • Tap on the ShowBox apk file. It will install immediately
  • Open the app, and update it if it prompts for an update

Show Box App Features 

showbox app

No Need Subscription

Other video apps and sites want t entice you into purchasing their monthly or annual plans, limiting the number of screens you can watch simultaneously – ShowBox is the big daddy of them all. The app is from video content lovers and we understand the thrill of enjoying streaming for free. ShowBox videos and content remain free forever, no payments and purchase required.

showbox download

HD Video Content

We believe in prints that are HD and have 10/10 audio visual quality. Anything less than that does not pass our QA team. So, before you proceed with ShowBox app download on Android, you can be sure that all the videos will be HD and you are making the right choice.

Watch on Any Device

Portable as a mobile, high end as a Smart TV at your home/office. ShowBox works on the mobile principle of taking the app with you wherever you require it. You can watch when you travel, stream something useful at home or watch news live in office. Be connected and enjoy what you love is our priority.

Friendly UI

The usefulness of ShowBox is its ease of use. The team of designer and developers had this in mind while developing ShowBox, that from kids to grandparents – everyone should be able to use it with just a single touch.

Latest Movies & TV Shows

There is a huge team that curates new and upcoming movies and TV shows. All you can see on ShowBox app homepage. Just tap on the ones you want to download or stream.

showbox android

Download or Instant Streaming

If you want to watch a video over and over again- you can download it using ShowBox app. Otherwise you can stream movies and HD Videos 24x7. 

Regular Update & Bug Fixes

We rank above the all top notch movie streaming apps due to regular version updates and vulnerability checks. We bring you latest videos at the comfort of your own home.

Showbox For Other Devices

What's New in Show Box Update 4.92?

Improved interface while choosing Servers, Favorite Player and Subtitles. Buttons have been changed for downloading and streaming. Here are the main things we consider when we think of this app.

1) Servers

  • There are no server errors whatsoever.
  • All critical bugs have been fixed.
  • Very quick to respond.

2) Subtitles

Previously we needed to log in into a website to get subtitles. Now, that's not required. The app itself showing the languages, in which you need the subtitles.

3) Downloading Movies

Right below the "Watch Now" option, you'll see the "Download" button. In between these two, you can see "Also you can download this movie from T0rrents". If you've network connection from an Internet Service Provider, then downloading from Torrents may trouble you.

People are complaining that they're getting E-mail alerts from their ISPs. This won't cause any problems to you, but it's better to watch them right there.

If you don't fall into above category, then you no need to worry. You can use that option without hesitation.

4) Streaming to TV

In earlier variants, people were frustrated about movies being in parts. Now, you will be able to cast them to Television without that problem.

5) Content Updates

You'll see almost all the trailers in a field called "Trailers". You can get to see the programs and films which were released months ago. One can not expect anything within just one month. So it takes some time. 

  • Showbox for Android phones.
  • Showbox Android App is free to download.

Showbox FAQs

What is the latest version of ShowBox App?

How to cast a movie using different players?

How do you upgrade ShowBox when my phone upgrades?

Testimonials from Industry Experts and our Users

Jack B
Android App Developer cum User

ShowBox is a beast, in the form of a lovely application. It works like a charm and is there whenever I need it. You don’t pay monthly or waste monies of movies ever. This winter get ShowBox app on iOS and stream your favorite daily.


With love from Arizona, we thank ShowBox because it is our lunch our entertainment buddy. Yes, we stream an hour of comedy shows every day using ShowBox app and it works without any flaws.

Jenny Parnell
User Feedback

As a single mom, it is crazy how much you get to spend on yourself. Raising kids in an expensive place added with entertainment bills is too much. Thanks to ShowBox application for HD videos, I stream all animated movies with my daughter and we have our film dose every weekend.

We hope all your video content entertainment problems at home our solved. At ShowBox we love to bring each one their own form of entertainment and while the app can be used on large screens too, but the HD videos can be played just for your pleasure in your leisure time as well. It is your wish what you want to access. We have no subscription model or in-app purchases to lock you. We just want you to access high quality videos, stream them, and download them for free. We exist because we provide value as an app on multiple platforms to enrich your lives forever and ever.

Go get ShowBox app download on your favorite device right away.

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