Showbox Alternatives & Best apps like show box for Any Device

Showbox is an App for online entertainment in the world of online video streaming. You can have access to a vast amount of content without having to worry about paying any subscription because it is free.

It is available for platforms like Android, iPhone, and iPad. If you begin to like this App and want to have it on your PC also then there is a way of doing that by using ARC Welder which allow it to install and run on PC.

Apps Like Showbox For Android & iPhone/iPad

Let’s look at these Showbox alternatives one by one…

1. PlayBox HD

For all those, iPhone and iPad users who are thirsty to get an App which will make getting online video streaming entertainment there is light in the form of PlayBox HD. The App is highly compatible with all iPhone and iPads Hurray! But wait you need to jail break your phone before you can get cracking on getting PlatBox for your device. After that, it is a smooth ride to your favorite entertainment.

2. MovieBox

This is one simple easy to use entertainment App, and it is free. You can get the latest content every day. It also is entirely compatible with all the platforms like Android, iOS devices. So another interesting App for your iPhone which keeps a firm hold on the Apps you get on board. You can also load it onto your PC via Bluestacks, a simple procedure to get all the services of the free version on our very own PC or Laptop.

3. CinemaBox HD

It is a great App giving you an excellent collection of movies and TV shows. Also there is no subscription process to spoil the fun. It supports all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS. New content is updated on a monthly basis. The App has a great user interface and it is an easy to use App. Also, its streaming technology seems to be quite advanced as there almost no video buffering while stream the latest content.

4. Netflix

The company which started all this online entertainment even before video streaming became a rage in the early 2000’s. It is a subscription based App which gives you access to a wide range of Movies and TV shows all given at HD quality. You can subscribe with a fee and get access to some really high quality content which is exclusively put across by Netflix. There is also another option where you can get a free one month subscription to try it out and see it’s worth getting the full subscription, just sign yourself and create a Netflix account.

So, I guess that’s a wrap for this post. We have covered some interesting alternatives for the Showbox App, although Showbox is one of the finest Apps out there in the online video streaming arena, it always has this question when you have an iPhone or iPad where it cannot be installed. The above alternatives give options to users looking the online entertainment on their smart phone devices or PC’s and Laptops.

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